winter running


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training for 2014

Russ and ISo here is the deal, my brother Russ and I are training to run a marathon in the summer of 2014.  To prepare for this event, we will be running the half marathon in Winnipeg on June 15, 2014.

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running bros

Every Saturday for the past few years I’ve been meeting with a great group of guys to run 10k in the Edmonton river valley and then meet for coffee. These scheduled runs have kept me engaged over the past few years…cause it really sucks trying to keep the pace when I haven’t been running during the week. The coffee conversation is entertaining and enlightening, from the latest in politics, auto repairs, relationships with our significant others, how to quickly open a man’s rib cage, financial investments, the sorry state of the eskimos and oilers, our favorite foods and how to prepare them….etc etc. Thanks guys, I look forward to every Saturday morning.

Edmonton's Finest


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